Piano Duets in Education

Pupils can be introduced to piano duets in the early stages of learning to play the piano when their teacher plays the other part with them. However, as the pupil progresses and becomes more competent as a soloist, playing duets then seems to fade. There is much music available now for all levels and playing duets can develop improvement in all aspects of playing, particularly time-keeping, balance, tone-quality, listening and so on – just as making music with a wind, brass, string or mixed ensemble can for a ‘solo line’ instrument. Many of the great composers wrote music for their pupils with this in mind.

For some time we have been working very productively with schools, giving piano workshops (solo & duet) instrumental and vocal masterclasses as well as adjudicating House Music and other Competitions and giving recitals in schools and universities. The enthusiasm of a Head of Department for the performance of piano duets means that this can often be encouraged as the ensemble option for pianists at GCSE and A level. We are flexible in providing what is appropriate for each school. Often the recital programme can contain music relating to set works, practical component items for an exam or be themed to fit a particular topic of study.

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Featured in Music Teacher Magazine , November 2010


Anne & Geoffrey's Duet Course in Wells was featured in an article in the November 2010 issue of Music Teacher Magazine entitled "The Power of Two". Also featured in the article is one of the participants of the Wells Course who had teamed up with a partner she had never met before, and who goes on to say how much she loved the experience, the company, and the joy of making music with other people.

The article also mentions Anne & Geoffrey's 'evangelical' mission to broaden interest in the piano duet ensemble. Music Teacher Magazine is published monthly by Rhinegold. You can find out more about this publication via their website: www.rhinegold.co.uk.

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