John Carmichael

Anne and Geoffrey are always adding new pieces to their repertoire. Among these have been all the piano duets of John Carmichael, an Australian composer living in London and they have now given the UK première of most of them.

At Benslow Music Trust

Anne and Geoffrey first met John in the autumn of 2002 since when friendship and many collaborations have developed. The Bahama Rumba, as a piece for two pianos, had been part of their repertoire for some time and when looking for information for programme notes they found that John had been living in London for some years. (Bahama Rumba is on the demos page!). They contacted him and discovered that the piece was now the first of a set of four movements called Latin American Suite, whose UK Première they gave in February 2003 and the Scottish Première in July 2003.

Anne Applin, Geoffrey Pratley and John Carmichael

In October that year, John came to their Benslow Music Course to give a masterclass on Puppet Show (one of the set pieces) and they gave the UK Première of Dark Scenarios in their recital on October 7th 2003. Subsequent premières were:

- Bravura Waltzes at Benslow Music on 5th October 2004 – John’s birthday;

- Tourbillon in duet version in 2005 (paired with Bahama Rumba, both pieces, originally for two pianos, now arranged for piano duet by John himself);

- Hommages in 2006 - a set of pieces influenced by French and Spanish composers, completed that year;

- Moto Perpetuo Caribbean Style in 2008;

- Concierto Folklorico for piano duet and string orchestra in 2011

John’s arrangement of his solo piano Concierto Folklorico for piano duet. abounds with Spanish idioms, rhythms and melodies influenced by one of his favourite styles. This concerto was premièred on 19th November 2011 at St Michael and All Angels, Chiswick and was performed again on 9th February 2013 in the Great Hall, Lancaster University, with the Haffner Orchestra conducted by Justin Doyle.

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A Concerto for Piano Duet

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